CMM Cares Establishes Family Advisory Board to Strengthen Support for Long Island Families

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As we continue on our mission to support Long Island families facing unexpected challenges, we would like to acknowledge and share with you the formation and members of our Family Advisory Board. Comprising a diverse team of seasoned professionals, this board brings decades of expertise, knowledge, and invaluable connections to enhance our program’s impact.

The Family Advisory Board consists of a dedicated volunteer social worker, Erin Healy, LCSW, from Northwell Health, along with prominent nonprofit professionals who possess an in-depth understanding of the nonprofit landscape on Long Island. Notable members include Lisa Gatti, Founder & CEO of Pal-O-Mine Equestrian; Krystal DeWitt Monroy, Director of Mission Delivery at The Marty Lyons Foundation; and Allison Puglia, Nonprofit Consultant along with CMM Cares’s Executive Director, Victoria Tringone.

CMM Cares recognizes the importance of collaboration with local nonprofits and has established the Family Advisory Board to facilitate a comprehensive assessment of nominated families. Before developing Support Plans and allocating funds, the advisory team will leverage their vast networks and experience to explore alternative avenues and resources available to these families. This approach ensures that CMM Cares explores all existing nonprofit resources before approving Support Plans, instilling confidence in the impact and effectiveness of the support provided.

Built on the belief that uniting the Long Island business community can create significant positive change, CMM Cares is dedicated to easing hardships and bringing joy to the lives of Long Islanders, one family at a time. Our mission revolves around providing life-changing solutions through fundraising efforts and support from our partners, sponsors, and donors.

By fostering collaborative partnerships with local nonprofits, CMM Cares aims to pool resources effectively, ensuring a sustained impact on the futures of families in need. The organization encourages alliances with both nonprofit organizations and for-profit entities, believing that such collaborations can broaden its reach, deepen support, and make a substantial difference in the lives of Long Islanders.

CMM Cares expresses gratitude to the esteemed members of the Family Advisory Board for their dedication to the cause. The organization remains steadfast in its commitment to working hand in hand with fellow nonprofits and business leaders to create positive and lasting changes for families in need on Long Island.

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