2024 Nominate a Family

Each year CMM Cares brings the business community together to support our neighbors and improve the quality of life, one family at a time, through our Cares family initiative. CMM Cares will choose at least one family in our community facing unexpected challenges that we can help support in 2024.

CMM Cares supports families confronting unforeseen adversities, fostering resilience and stability during challenging times. While we empathize with various life challenges, there are certain criteria that must be met to be considered, in addition to limitations on the scope of support that we can offer to ensure a meaningful impact.

It is important to note that CMM Cares does not provide direct monetary assistance. Instead, we focus on delivering practical, tangible aid to ensure that our support has a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of the families we serve.

Through our targeted approach, we aim to empower families to overcome challenges, fostering a sense of community and resilience in the face of adversity.

Please review the following criteria and limitations.

Community Residency: The nominated family must reside within Suffolk or Nassau County, New York.
Relationship Requirement: Nominations can only be made for families with whom the nominator has a pre-existing relationship. Nominators should have sufficient knowledge of the extent of the family’s struggles. Families cannot nominated themselves; nominations must come from individuals who have a relationship with the nominated family.
Challenges Faced by the Family: Families facing unexpected challenges are eligible for nomination. Challenges may include, but are not limited to: death or illness of a family member and medical challenges
Detailed Nomination Information: Nominators are required to provide as much information as possible on the nomination form. The information should help CMM Cares determine the family’s suitability for the program.
Supporting Documentation: Nominated families may be required to provide supporting documentation to verify the challenges they are facing.
Year of Support: The support will be provided in the year 2024.

Support Plans, Scope, and Limitations:
Support Plans: Our support plans are designed to go beyond immediate relief, addressing tangible needs and ongoing expenses that contribute to a family’s well-being. Take a look at some of our past CMM Cares Families for examples of how our Support Plans have impacted their lives. These plans often include: tangible items such as essential goods, medical supplies, and other items to alleviate immediate concerns. Health-related Expenses: Assistance with ongoing or future expenses related to medical treatments, therapy, and other necessities that contribute to the family’s sustained well-being.
Direct Financial Aid: We do not provide support for challenges stemming from unemployment or debt. Our focus is on addressing the needs and challenges that arise from specific life-altering events. We do not provide direct monetary assistance to individuals or families to cover past or overdue debt.
Housing Assistance Limitations: While we understand the importance of stable housing, our organization does not offer direct solutions for housing, or relocation.

    Nominated Family Information

    Please provide the names of each family member (First and Last), Gender, Ages of Children, and Family Relation. (example: Ava Smith, Female, 6 years old, daughter)

    The Family's Story

    Please provide a thorough description of the family you are nominating detailing the situation this family is facing, how will the support of CMM Cares affect this family, and what are some of the biggest challenges they are currently facing?