Meet the Lozano Family

CMM Cares would like to introduce our second 2023 CMM Cares Family. Meet Henry, a resilient and inspiring individual who has triumphed over the challenges posed by cerebral palsy. Despite being wheelchair-bound and having a speech impediment, Henry radiates strength, determination, and an unwavering spirit.

Henry Lozano was nominated by Lisa Gatti, CEO of Pal-O-Mine Equestrian. The family description, in her words “Henry Lozano wheeled through the Pal-O-Mine farm gates with his mother, father and sister by his side 8 years ago. Despite being confined to a wheelchair and speaking with a severe speech impairment, Henry stated that he wanted to ride a horse against his mother’s wishes. I knew at that moment he would be my student. I loved his confidence, his humor, his perseverance, and his willingness to try anything he could get his hands on. Henry began weekly riding lessons, started competing in horseshows, mentored other young adults at Pal-O-Mine, and began working in our vocational program. Two years ago, Henry lost his father, his best friend. His mom is the sole provider currently and given her age, is unable to lift Henry out of his chair to get into bed or go to the bathroom.”

Despite the physical and communication challenges he faces, Henry is not defined by his condition. His tenacity and positive attitude shine through in every aspect of his life. Henry’s story serves as an inspiration to others, proving that with determination and a supportive community, one can overcome even the most formidable challenges. CMM Cares is proud to be a part of that support system, to help remedy the current obstacle in Henry’s path.

Henry desperately needed an accessible bathroom. With a properly thought-out design, a handicap accessible bathroom would enhance the safety, dignity, and independence in Henry’s daily life. This home upgrade provides a more inclusive and accommodating environment for Henry, his family, and his caregivers in his home. With the help of CMM Cares’ most generous contractor, George Condos, of Condos Brothers Construction, this crucial home renovation project has come to life. This is not a simple home DIY home project, the scope of work involved in making sure this space wheelchair accessible was intensive. The project involved full demolition of the existing bathroom and adjacent closet, reframe for a widened door opening, relocating water lines, installing a new shower, electrically updates, new drywall, tilework, installation of new vanity, sink, faucet, toilet, and painting.

“I’ve always dreamt about a bathroom that would help me, my family and staff during my morning and night routine. It has been life changing for me as it feels so good to have a bathroom made just for me. The bathroom looks amazing. George and his company were kind and super supportive to listening to my needs. I feel like everything I wanted was accomplished. Thank you for making my dream come true. It is the very best gift I have ever received.”

Safety was a top priority in this project to reduce the risk of slips, trips or falls. This new, custom space now not only addresses the immediate needs of his safety, but it improves the quality of life for both him and his support network. The modifications reduce the physical strain on family members and caregivers when assisting him. CMM Cares’ goal is to provide long-term benefits to those in need. The renovations completed in Henry’s home provide long-term benefits extend to the entire family, and caregivers, providing an increased quality of life for years to come. As Henry’s needs may change over time, having an accessible bathroom ensures his ongoing comfort and safety.

In addition to the new walk-in shower, CMM Cares has covered the cost of a shower wheelchair which provides a safe and accessible bathing solution, ensuring a comfortable and secure bathing experience for both the user and caregiver. In many instances, the cost for shower wheelchairs isn’t covered by insurance because they are not deemed medically necessary. We worked with Henry and his family to choose a specific model that will make the showering process and transfer easier on Henry and his family.

“As Henry’s mom, I still can’t believe that you and CMM Cares along with Lisa Gatti, chose Henry to receive this bathroom remodel. Henry is so happy and feels special to have this bathroom make his daily routine go smoothly and most importantly safely. It was truly a pleasure having George and his company here. Thank you so very much. You have no idea what this means to Henry and our family. We feel truly blessed. Thank you again!”

And finally, we completed this Support Plan with the generous donation of a full housecleaning service who volunteered to the task of cleaning up this post-construction project. The team at Thunderbird Maintenance Corp. volunteered their time and expertise to restore order and comfort to their living space.

We thank Lisa Gatti for recognizing the challenges of this family and submitting this nomination for our CMM Cares support. We are proud to have helped overcome one of the biggest challenges this family was facing. Henry is an incredible person and deserves this support as he is always giving back to his community despite his own challenges.

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