CMM Cares Teams Up with Splashes of Hope to Brighten Lives of Ukrainian Girls on Long Island

Splashes Of Hope

Another heartwarming tale of nonprofit collaboration unfolds! Recently, we connected one of our 2022 CMM Cares families, who had sought refuge from Ukraine and now call Long Island their home, with the incredible local organization known as Splashes of Hope. Splashes is a local nonprofit dedicated to creating art to transform spaces, enrich environments and facilitate healing.

A remarkable group of skilled artists, who graciously dedicate their time as volunteers at Splashes, came together to craft a unique and personalized piece of artwork for the young girls. The talented artists included Tyler Knabe, Sandy Caracciolo, Elizabeth Schafer, Carol Hough, Denise Rubcewich, and Ed Courtney. Their creative intention was to evoke the fond memories of the girls’ Ukrainian homeland, filling their hearts with memories of happiness while embracing their new home in New York.

As a bonus, the girls were extended an invitation to Splashes of Hope’s art studio, where they were generously offered a complimentary painting session. This experience was both enriching and uplifting.

Through our collaboration with local nonprofits on Long Island, CMM Cares goes above and beyond our Support Plans, presenting valuable resources and opportunities. These endeavors are dedicated to bringing smiles to those who are navigating difficult times. If you’re involved with a local nonprofit that shares our vision of supporting families in need, we encourage you to reach out. Together, we can make an even greater impact!

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