We were introduced to Navy veteran Annmarie Ayers by our nonprofit partners at United Way of Long Island. This mother of two, with a daughter in college and a son in high school, has struggled for years with a variety of health issues. Being laid off due to COVID exacerbated her symptoms and struggles with cancer and military PTSD. It was very difficult for her to head back to work full-time. Being unemployed due to the pandemic has left her in significant debt and unable to provide all the necessities for her family. CMM Cares has been the helping hand that she’s needed to focus on treating her medical issues while working to provide both financially and emotionally for her family. We’ve been a source of hope and support, giving her a renewed faith that she can and will overcome all the challenges she has faced.

CMM Cares crafted a customized Support Plan to provide her with both short-term and long-term assistance. Helping her with the immediate necessities she was struggling to provide, we quickly covered expenses for household items such as a vacuum, new towels, bed linens, and pet food. We purchased larger items as well, such as a new mattress, oven, and Chromebooks for her children. Most importantly, we helped her create a long-term plan to pay down her debt and get ahold of her finances that has been a major factor in her PTSD and getting back on her feet financially since COVID.

Working with our nonprofit partners, we’re able to expand our Support Plan even further as we introduce our Cares Families to additional resources available through other local nonprofits within our community. Our friends at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian have welcomed Annmarie to participate in their Military Program, which provides Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) sessions at the farm. As an Eagala Designated Program, they have Eagala Certified Professionals on site with specialized training and experience working with the military community. It’s a wonderful support to her as she embraces the time she spends on the farm building relationships with the horses to reduce anxiety and find peace from her military PTSD.

Additionally, the Ayers family was also gifted a complete solar energy system donated by SUNation Energy’s not-for-profit SUNation Cares. SUNation CEO Scott Maskin, who serves as a board member for CMM Cares, stepped in to help alleviate some of the Ayers’ monthly expenses. Since completed and connected, this renewable energy system will aid Ayers and her family with lower monthly electricity bills and more control over their energy. Through the donation of 21 solar panels, along with equipment and labor for the installation, this solar energy system will generate approximately 5,344 watts of energy annually. This is estimated to offset about 74% of the Ayers home energy use and greatly reduce their monthly electricity costs.

If you’re interested in helping us support this family with in-kind donations, and financial support for our plans, or if you know local businesses that may be interested in participating, please contact Victoria at

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