7 Local Nonprofits to Give Back to this Giving Season

This time of the year is about gratitude and giving back to community members, friends in need, and local nonprofits. While we savor time spent with our family and friends, it’s hard not to think about those who are not fortunate enough to do so. Most of us wish we could absolve the burdens of all who are suffering from the snap of a finger. Since we can’t do that, we’ve got to do our best to try and make a difference in our communities and in the world. 

If you’re struggling to narrow down your search for places or people to give to, read below to learn about some incredible local nonprofit organizations on Long Island that can always use a helping hand.

Support Local Artists

In times of uncertainty like these, we seek relief in creativity and entertainment. The arts, including film, music, and theater, are how we make emotional connections and come together as a community. We are lucky enough to enjoy the presence of several local nonprofits that support artists in our community. Consider giving to these incredible Long Island nonprofit organizations:

1. The Staller Center for the Arts

A staple of Stony Brook University, the Staller Center for the Arts is where many talented artists get their foot in the door of the theater and music industries. Consider purchasing tickets to view award-winning films at the months-long Stony Brook Film Festival, or attending a world-class theater performance! 

2. East End Arts

East End Arts is known for the incredible opportunities that it provides to children and community members. From chemistry and math classes for children to songwriting workshops and college-prep help for teens, East End Arts is on a mission to “stimulate community enrichment, economic development, and cultural tourism” on Long Island. 

Donate to local nonprofit East End Arts to help them continue to enhance the creative minds of our community members!

Lend a Hand to Furry Friends

Give a voice to those who can’t speak! Donating to or volunteering time with a nonprofit organization that helps animals is a wonderful way to advocate for our furry friends who simply can’t advocate for themselves! Here are some local ideas:

3. The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind 

A well-known Long Island nonprofit, The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. For decades, they have acted as a support system for the blind community, providing those who are visually impaired with trained seeing-eye dogs. Seeing-eye dogs allow those with visual impairments to achieve a greater quality of life, with more independence, safety, and comfort. Consider volunteering at fundraising events for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind!

4. America’s VetDogs 

Since 2003, this organization has been providing relief to veterans who suffer from physical limitations or disabilities. America’s VetDogs trains service dogs and pairs them with veterans in need, allowing them to have access to more independent mobility and companionship. In 2021, we partnered with America’s VetDogs in order to help give back to one of their service dogs and his human counterpart, Mr. Charles Berry.

Consider becoming a puppy raiser, or volunteering to give back to this wonderful nonprofit organization! 

Feed a Hungry Family

As we begin to plan our holiday feasts, we are reminded of our close neighbors who do not have the chance to do so. Contribute to a local nonprofit organization and be the reason that a family or a child gets fed this giving season.

5. Family Service League 

For nearly 100 years, Long Island nonprofit Family Service League has worked tirelessly to help families and individuals in need with a variety of programs and locations. Their efforts have helped homeless individuals and families seeking shelter, those who suffer from mental illnesses and addiction, senior citizens in need of companionship, and more. The Family Service League hosts numerous events throughout the year and is always looking for volunteers and donors.

Thanks to a nomination from the Family Service League, CMM Cares was able to change the lives of the Neikens family in 2021. We encourage you to show your support to this inspirational local nonprofit organization!

6. Island Harvest

Island Harvest, a food bank for Long Island, works to minimize food waste and eradicate hunger on Long Island. Their programs benefit children, seniors, families, and veterans. Volunteers from this local nonprofit hand-deliver millions of pounds of food to homeless shelters, homes, food pantries, and other local nonprofits each year. They even helped supply one of our Adopted Families with meals! 

Consider donating your canned goods, volunteering at fundraising events, or contributing as a sponsor to this Long Island nonprofit organization.

7. CMM Cares

This giving season, we are gearing up to make 2022 our biggest year yet. We hope to impact the lives of numerous families on Long Island through our Adopted Family initiative, and it is the support of donors, generous organizations, and local nonprofits like the ones mentioned above that allow us to fulfill this mission. 

Visit our Adopted Families page to learn more about who and how we have helped in the past, and consider donating, nominating a family, or becoming an ambassador to do your part! Every little bit helps.

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