Meet the Landry Family

We would like to thank our friends and colleagues who have donated and helped our 2020 Adopted Family. With your generous support, we have helped Kyria Landry and her family begin to move forward.

Through the funds raised, CMM Cares has been able to relieve some of her financial burdens as she focuses on creating a new routine for her family. We covered costs for back to school clothing essentials, classroom supplies, and virtual learning support with Chromebooks for both girls. We’ve made sure Kyria has been able to babyproof her home for a curious toddler and preschooler and sent over care packages with everyday basics.

Kyria and Anthony both had dreams of continuing their education and earning their bachelor’s degree, and we are happy to share that amidst the turmoil of losing her fiancé, Kyria has decided to pursue her goal. She will be attending a 3-year accredited program, and with help of CMM Cares, she will have the technology she needs to succeed. Kyria will take virtual classes in addition to working and raising her children.


Meet Kyria, Ajaleiyah, Avery, Mariah and Arlo

Photos by: Mind State Media

Here are Kyria Landry and her sweet children. On the morning of July 8th, their whole world was turned upside down. Kyria and her fiance, Anthony Edwards, had driven to Florida for the funeral of his grandfather, who had died suddenly of a heart attack. On that very day that Anthony said his final farewell to his grandfather who had raised him, Anthony was struck by a car and killed. He had just celebrated his 32nd birthday a day before.

Now, instead of celebrating their planned wedding nuptials, Kyria is facing the responsibility of raising and providing for her family as a single mother while mourning the loss of the love of her life. Anthony leaves behind Kyria, his two sons, and his two beautiful girls, though not his biological daughters, he loved them unconditionally as his own. 

This is Ajaleiyah and Avery. Ajaleiyah is a 13 year-old girly-girl who loves cheerleading, watching movies, and shopping. Avery is a sweet, soft-spoken 4-year-old who looked up to his dad. He loves superheroes, dinosaurs, and Nerf guns. 

This is Mariah and little Arlo. Mariah is turning 11 years old on Halloween. She loves karate, drawing and cooking. The youngest of the bunch is the almost 1-year-old, Arlo. Arlo is an easy-going baby who loves dinosaurs and trucks and just recently learned to explore the world around him on 2 (wobbly) feet. 

We had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Kyria and her children during a Cares planned family photoshoot at Waterdrinker Family Farm in Manorville, courtesy of Robert Frey of Mind State Media. Though it was bittersweet to be taking family pictures without Anthony, it was a wonderful experience for them. We hope these incredible photos will be a lasting reminder of the beautiful family that they’ve created. 

In getting to know Kyria, it’s clear that Anthony and Kyria brought out the best in each other. They inspired each other to be better people, believed in each other, and encouraged one another. The positive energy between them created an environment of stability and security within their relationship and their family. They were there for each other during tough times and always focused on creating a life of love and laughter.

As Kyria focuses on helping her children cope with the loss of their father, we hope that with the generous support of our friends and colleagues, CMM Cares can relieve as much financial burden on her as possible as she navigates through this tragic time.

Together, we can make a big difference for Kyria’s children. We are grateful for every person and organization that helps to give this family the future they deserve.  

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