2023 Nominate a Family

Each year CMM Cares brings the business community together to support our neighbors and improve the quality of life, one family at a time, through our Cares family initiative. CMM Cares will choose at least one family in our community facing unexpected challenges that we can help support in 2023.

To nominate a family for the Cares Family program, complete the below information. Please only make nominations for families that you have a relationship with and know the extent of their struggles. You cannot nominate yourself. Challenges that nominated families may face include death or illness of a family member, medical challenges, etc. We request as much information as possible on this form to determine if they are a good fit for our program. Please note that to be eligible the nominated family must live within Suffolk or Nassau County, and we may ask for supporting documentation.

    Nominated Family Information

    Please provide the names of each family member (First and Last), Gender, Ages of Children, and Family Relation. (example: Ava Smith, Female, 6 years old, daughter)

    The Family's Story

    Please provide a thorough description of the family you are nominating detailing the situation this family is facing, how will the support of CMM Cares affect this family, and what are some of the biggest challenges they are currently facing?